Summer Group Therapy


Join the fun!!


Community Speech Services offers 8 week summer programs that meet once per week throughout the summer.


ALL forms of communication will be honored.


Summer group therapy is a great way to continue carryover of speech and language goals throughout the summer and a fun way to meet new friends! Speech-Language Pathologists will provide a flexible environment to honor individual communication, sensory and emotional needs.


Every week is a new adventure!!


Once enrolled, you will receive information from your child’s therapist about weekly themes. These themes will be incorporated into songs, books, activities, and even dress like the theme days!


Possible themes: Get to know each other, Animals, Camping, 4th of July, Water, Bugs, and much more!

Available Groups

Stay n’ Play

Safely share toys and space with peers. Join in songs, books, and free play. Transition between tasks. Learn foundations of play.

Talking Tots

Share space and materials with peers. Join in shared activities with similar-aged peers. – Transition between tasks with decreasing support – Participate in a group setting to prepare for preschool/kindergarten

My Turn, Your Turn, Let’s Communicate

Great group to encourage friendships. Children can practice turn-taking and working together in activities. – Invite and respond to invitations from other children – Participate in group activities

How to be a Friend

Encourage “flexible thinking”. Find and interpret “hidden rules” of language. Encourage friendships and accept others’ points of view.

Lunch Bunch

“Play with a purpose” to target improvement of oral motor and sensory skills. Designed for both picky eaters and problem feeders. Parents will learn skills to decrease stress around mealtimes and help their children to be successful in eating situations.

Language & Literacy

Assist in carryover of phonological awareness, pre-reading, and reading skills. Take home activities will be provided. Groups will be determined by individual strengths and needs.

Let’s Talk Together

Practice child’s specific speech sounds in a group setting. Increase confidence in producing speech sounds. Increase phonological awareness skills (segmenting, rhyming, pre-reading). Groups will be determined by individual strengths and needs.

Important Information

Things to Know

– All groups run 1.5 hours each week for 8 weeks
– The cost for each group is $500 for the entire 8 week program
– All enrollment requests are due by May 1st

Accepted Forms of Payment

– Cash/Check/Card
– Jon Peterson Scholarship
– Autism Scholarship

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