June 30, 2021

Help Children Make Easier Transitions

Transitions are hard!

It can be hard to leave a fun activity or get started with something new! Here are 2 ideas to help:

Countdown: Use a timer (phone, microwave, clock) or toy (3 blocks=3 minutes, take one away as each minute ends.) Try to be consistent and use the same countdown each time. We want to be predictable!

Schedule: Pick an activity or routine. Sequence pictures, real photos, or drawings of events and objects. (e.g., Getting Ready: 1. picture of bathroom, 2. picture of toothbrush, 3. picture of clothes or closet.

Leaving for Speech: 1. picture of shoes, 2. picture of car, 3. picture of CSS*

Stick to the same sequence each time!

How To Ask Questions About Your Child’s Day

Asking questions about your child’s day is routine.  We frequently say, “What did you do today?” when children walk through the door or into our rooms.  We see it as an easy question.  However, when people ask us that question, many of us reply “good” or “okay.”  So think about what information you really gained from that question?

In addition, for many children with speech and language difficulties, answering questions and telling stories is hard!  Add in a vague question like “what did you do today?” and many children are lost.  Instead, provide more direct questions such as “Which class was your favorite today – math or reading?”  “Did you learn any new letters or words?”  “Did you sit by a new friend today?”  As you can see, we also provided some choices.  You can take this a step farther for a younger child and ask direct yes/no questions such as “Did you go outside?”  “Did you play with blocks?”  “Did you have goldfish for snack?”

Here are September Targets:

-Name (noun, action):

New class, new friends!

Practice: “What’s your name? My name is__.”

**Use animals, dolls, and siblings to model different roles and questions!

-Over: (preposition, adverb)

What can you climb/walk over on your next nature walk?

Sequencing: When dinner is over, we can play. When playtime is over, we read a book. (Maybe a good time to set that timer!)

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