April 12, 2023

April 2023 Newsletter

This month, we provide some more free or low cost *spring themed* speech and language activities to try. Any activity can target speech and language skills, but sometimes it can be hard to know how to practice. Read our newsletter for more tips on how to practice at home!

We also provide lots of information and tips on providing feedback. It is important to note that how you respond to feedback as an adult may be very different than how a child responds. Therefore, it can be helpful to tweak the way we give feedback!

We often think of a “lecture” style feedback (e.g., a child sits and listens while you talk) when reviewing mistakes with children. However, it may be more helpful to keep the feedback short and direct. Our words are powerful and may have more meaning to the child when choose them wisely, rather than ranting.

It is also important to remember that children cannot remember what they are not paying attention to. Another way to think about it? Attention first, then learning and reflection. Build attention and connection with your child before providing lots of feedback on ways they could be doing something different or “better.”

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